For the first time ever, the annual "Saving Our Sisters" conference will commence over a four day period ONLINE! This dynamic four-day conference acknowledges "National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day". This conference is best suited for adult women and girls ages eight and above. This four-day conference will include age appropriate workshops with discussions focused on positive self-image, self-worth, empowerment, healthy relationships, HIV prevention, and the importance of medical treatment for women and girls living with HIV/AIDS.


Wednesday (3/10/2021) - 6PM - 7PM -
FREE Zoom Webinar

"Fabulous Princess Night" - a special night for princesses (girls ages 8-12) featuring Princess Tiana Sirmans and the Willard Sisters.


Thursday (3/11/2021) - 6PM - 7PM -
FREE Zoom Webinar

"Fierce Princess Night" - a special night for teen princesses (girls ages 13-17) featuring Queen Taria Pritchett.


Friday (3/12/2021) - 7PM - 8PM -
FREE Zoom Webinar

"Queen's Court" - a special night

just for adult queens
(women 18 years and older)

featuring Queen Dr. Carol Henderson.

"Reaching out and saving lives"

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